My August Favorites

August was an experimental month for all sorts of products and items! I decided to switch up my skincare, haircare, and tanning routine to try to find new holy-grail products for fall. Now, you must understand, these work for ME! I tried to choose products that work for most skin types, hair types, etc…, but make sure you take your own body and hair preferences into account! I decided to look for the most natural products when it came to maintenance! I believe it makes a difference when you eliminate chemicals from any routine! For clothing and accessories, I went for comfort for this fall season! After some trial-and-error, I have found my staples for the rest of the year! Read Below!

Maui Babe is the most natural! It uses native, Hawaiian ingredients instead of preserved oils like most browning lotions! If I want to use oils and hydrate while I tan, I use the Australian Gold dry oil! The coconut water is always added on my face before a tan!
Ok. One thing: Anything Mario Badescu: LIFE SAVING. Mario makes affordable skincare products, with products for 6 different types. Go online at and test what works for you! I have a full article on Mario Products HERE
Renpure is my new go-to. I can’t explain to you how incredible my hair feels. I have the three unique shampoo/conditioner combos, and all of them have improved the texture of my hair, made it feel lighter, and are all natural!!!! The CHI silk infusion is a staple of mine for years. don’t hesitate on this product. You can find Renpure Originals at any market ( The Shea Moisture hair masques are the best I’ve found. I have tried every hair treatment you can think of. NOTHING COMPARES.
New fav brand: Le Specs. They are affordable and VERY well made. I just got the new So Reals and they are great, but I don’t think they are worth the price, still nice though. Sunnies are definitely based of personal preference, so here are a few of my faves I own.

SPARKLY SOCKS!!!!!!!!! Lately, Ive been wearing only workout clothing, and sweats, and the occasional denim on denim outfit. Here are my staple items in my closet at the moment. Alo Yoga leggings, Reebok Classics, TopShop Sparkly socks, Fendi Charm, Louis Vuitton Key Charm, Ugg slippers, The Life Of Pablo sweatshirts, Olympia sportsbra, Thrasher Tee and Hoodie

Part Two coming Monday!

If you have any questions, contact me via Media


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