Styling a Workout Outfit

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Hello my lovely workout junkies! Today, this post is dedicated to you, and my new love for sweating out my emotions with a good run everyday! Since I go to university, i need to fit my workouts between classes, leaving me no time to change. I’ve tried to master the art of dressing up a workout outfit, so its both comfy, cute, and ready to be sweat in! Here are three outfits I’ve created.

Styling a Workout Outfit
I LOVE to throw a leather jacket or bomber jacket over my workout outfit. Usually, I wear a pair of leggings with a crop top or bra, with a jacket to cover my body when necessary! I bring along a leather backpack to hold a towel, water, and my headphones! I like to have cool workout shoes! A cute workout outfit could be the motivation you need to get out there and get active!
The shoes from left to right: Adidas Tubulars, Maison Margielas, and Puma x Rihanna Creepers
All the details of this post can be found on my Polyvore account, linked at the picture!



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