New Things Coming With MJ

Hello Everyone! Im back!! These past few weeks have been packed with school, some vacation, and a lot of preparation for the new things coming for me! Here is a break down of what’s coming!

  • Emjay Magazine: Emjay Magazine is FINISHED! It has been set to ship next week. There was some production errors, but have no fear, it’s on its way!! If you haven’t ordered your copy, Order Here

Here is the Finished Cover

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.18.39 PM.png

  • New videos will be posted weekly starting December 10th!! I am working with VIMEO to provide you with fun and informative videos about my life and the world around us! Check out my last video in the previous post!!
  • I am working with three of my favorite website these next few months to make you guys some fall lookbooks!
  • Emjay Magazine Issue #2 will be shot in January, with some of your favorite social media stars!

Tomorrow a new videos will be posted!! Be on the lookout babes






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