I Have News !!??

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Hello, newbies and Candela Couture veterans, today I am sharing some very exciting news to all my readers. I have decided to start adding videos to Candela Couture. For the past four years, the support has been incredible, incredible, incredible, and it’s definitely time to give something new to the passionate subscribers! I just hit 200,000 unique visitors this year, and I am beyond stoked about this! I don’t want you guys to feel like you don’t know me, and only see my reviews, or my favorites products, and what not. I want you to interact with me and tour my dorm, and see what I do on lazy days, and learn how I compose my posts. I want everyone to take something different from the experience on my website. 

I will be using Vimeo to post videos onto Candela Couture. I have been getting many request to start a YouTube Channel, but there are many personal reasons why I have decided to opt out of that specific route. I want the videos to be genuine, and not have anything to do with views, or likes and such. If I decide that Vimeo is too difficult to operate, ill find an alternative. 

I will be posting weekly videos starting November 1st. The videos will only be found on Candela Couture. Some videos will be sponsored, and some videos will just be daily vlogs, opinionated rants, or fashion cookbooks. 

I want people to let me know what they want to see. I know it’s not always excited to read an article about beauty products, so i want to make this as entertaining as possible. 

I hope everyone is having an amazing day!! Tweet, or instagram me what you want to see in my videos!




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