My September Favorites – Beauty

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September is one of those transitioning months, where you’re longing the summer heat and beach days but awaiting the winter cold and hot drinks. I ALWAYS await winter, so September is the appointed month where I prepare for the leather jackets and booties, hair products, and snow days. This month I had an absurd amount of favorites, so I will break it down into three posts. 

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My one monthly favorite would have to be the Hoola Bronzer by Urban DecayThe matte bronzer is the perfect orange brown, not too spray-tan, and not to rubbed-mud-all-over-my-cheeks. It’s matte so the application looks extremely natural and goes with so many skin tones. The brush also is great for contouring.

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I definitely tried products this month I did not enjoy. First, I bought the Urban Decay Baked Illuminating Powder; The first time I tried it, my best friend laughed as she walked through the door and asked if I dropped glitter all over my face. I looked in the mirror and I was one big sparkle. Its not subtle at all and has no real purpose.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.11.33 AM

I also did not like the Nars Stick Concealer in Custard. I usually use the Nars liquid concealer, but wanted something a bit thicker for my under eyes. Unfortunately, this does not do the trick. It creases and does not cover anything but a few minor discolorations.Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.12.19 AM I recommend the Bobbi Brown Concealer Duo I just purchased. I will review this product soon when I use it a bit more.

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