How I Edit My Instagram Photos

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Hello beautiful people! Today I woke up and felt like giving back…giving the people what they want, what they need, what they’ve been asking me to do for months……….share my Instagram secrets and tips!! This post is definitely the most requested! Lets jump into it!!

First of all, my instagram account:MJCandela

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Keeping your Instagram name/handle simple is important. You want the people searching your name to find you without trouble. Or, at least have your name in your account info!

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Have a constant feed. If you change your post around too much, your feed will be messy and not intriguing to new followers. Post things true to who you are, so people get of feel of who you are…that’s what Instagram is for!

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I edit my Instagram pictures on Instagram using their control panel. Here are the steps!

Here is the un-edited version of the photo


Then, you lift the brightness to around 5


Lift the contrast so the brightness doesn’t completely discolor any skin showing!


The warmth is made colder by pulling the degree negative, towards the 20’s. This will give the picture a clean look!


Last, you bring up the highlight to whiten the picture once again. Skip this step if the picture is already shadowless. If it gets grainy, then add shadow in the next step!


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.05.03 PM


I hope this post was helpful!! Next post: My new favorite lip product!!




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