Top VMA Looks – Kylie Jenner

Controversy stroke when Kylie Jenner landed the red carpet in her extra-extra-mini Balmain dress and her bangs. Personally – I ADORED this look; the wig was an intelligent touch to bring the short dress from inappropriate to more of a formal ensemble. The gold was a great contrast with her  skin tone and cat eyes.

Then, Kylie moved on to outfit number two. I stopped breathing. Her tight Balmain Dress was the perfect selection for her body. I almost wish she had worn this stunning creation the entire night. The skin-tight dress hugged her curves perfectly, making her hairdo look even more shiny and spectacular. 10/10 in my eyes!Kylie Jenner VMAS



  1. Wow !! I honestly love your blog !!! You are such a fashionista ! I love your style & absolutly miss your pink hair 😦 but you still look good either way !!! I follow you on two of your Instagram accounts and I’m soooo jealous of your clothes & especially your shoes ! You need to literally makeover my closet plz ! Btw I’m a senior in high school just a couple minutes away from Chapman Uni. & Chapman is one of my dream colleges I wish to attend to next year if I can get in & if I do I honestly HOPE we can converse for a minute hahah I hope that doesn’t sound weird at all ! xoxo -jennifer

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