Great Summer Sales: Zara

You know what the greatest thing about the summer time is? The beach? NO. The heat? absolutely not!!! Answer: The semi-annual sales at all my favorite clothing stores! Clothing stores usually have sales twice a year, to introduce the new seasonal collections and get rid of the old one. Now, one of the best sales event happens at ZARA, because 95% of the store becomes a giant discounted room of goodies. This week, I visited Zara with my mom and picked up some awesome pieces for awesome prices! Here are a few of the items we picked up, all 30-50% discounted! Also, you can find all of these sale items at Zara Online 

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.25.21 AMIm really getting into the whole “denim, leather, suede” thing going this season! The big buckles, suede skirts, and crazy amounts of leather in an outfit are exciting. I LOVE the new belt trend (as seen in my previous article) as well. 


Most items in Zara at the moment are priced between 9.99 and 49.99 with a few exceptions.

The skirts were each about $29.99

The plaid sweater was $29.99

The tee was $12.99 and the crop top was $15.99

The dress was $39.99 and the shoes were $29.99





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