Top 4 Affordable Online Stores

Online Shopping brings some people to tears; they build anxiety figuring out size, color, and shipping processes. I PROMISE, IT’S FANTASTIC! I used to be the person who could only shop in the store. As I got older, I found less and less time to browse the mall. Now, I do a lot of online shopping before traveling, special events, or school years! When I have a busy schedule, I find it easy to leave 10-30 minutes at night to online shop or simply browse to keep up with my favorite and affordable online shops! Here are my top 4 online stores that won’t break the bank! Also, I added 5 tips that will make your online shopping experience enjoyable!!

1.Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.20.52 AMMy all-time favorite online store is Asos has everything you would ever need for ANY occasion. Asos carries thousands of brands, and also has the Asos Label on the website (which is extremely affordable and super cute). Also, Asos ALWAYS has 50% Sale or More on over thousands of clothing pieces, shoes, bags, lingerie, and accessories. I usually go to Asos when I am looking for something in particular, like a denim dress or red platform sandals! Another bonus, FREE SHIPPING ON ANY PURCHASE!

2. Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.16.36 is an online store I’ve been aware of for a few years. It’s based in the UK, and is very similar to TopShop and NastyGal, but cheaper! MissGuided is very current, they are always keeping up with trends! Their materials are great, and their returns are very fast as well!

3.Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.05.29 PMNastyGal is one of the most popular online stores now! Their items are always up to date and trendy! NastyGal matches my style to a tee, the only minor problem: most things are more expensive than the other online stores. Nasty Gal is an online store where you shop max 5 items, unless you want to spend $2,000. The sale section is usually pretty decent though! Nasty Gal also just opened two locations in California that are amazing. 

4.Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.26.34 AMForever 21 is usually too hectic for me to walk into, but the online store is surprisingly amazing!! I was never a fan of forever 21 until I needed a few last-minute items for Coachella, and the online store saved my life! The online store is very easy to navigate, and has a much nicer variety than the store! You can use a keyword to look for any particular item you are looking for! The other day, I found a beautiful suede jacket for only $40!!! Check it out, I promise it won’t disappoint!


1. Measure your body before buying from an unvisited online store

2. make an account before shopping, so you can save favorites and add-to-cart easily

3. Give yourself a budget before going on the site and stressing about your total

4. Make a list of necessities and key words before going on each site frantically

5. Check the online store’s policies before purchasing ANYTHING! You might not be able to return, or refund an item if it doesn’t fit right




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