High-End Designer Shoes and Their Dupes

So, a couple years ago, I began to acknowledge the shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell for its originality and awesome, unique designs. Unfortunately, I quickly realized their designs are everything but original. Most of their designs, as well as other affordably priced brands, copy high end fashion designers.

 I’ve also recognized that there are pros and cons to these dupes.


Nice design for affordable price

Easy access to shoes

Sold at hundreds of retailers


 Originality of high end is diminished

Exclusivity of brand is destroyed

Most people can get their hands on the dupes, making the high end seem unworthy

Other designer just copy high-end designer’s work

 The high-end shoes can range from 500 to over 10,000 dollars. Obviously, a large amount of people will not put down that amount of money for a pair of shoes, so brands like Jeffrey allow them to have a taste of the designs.

I don’t know how I feel about it as a whole. I think these brands should learn to take inspiration from the high-end designers, but not jack their work. I also think it’s a shame to have such an excusive item duped for everyone.

Here I threw together some Fall designer shoes and their dupes.

High-End Designer Shoes and Their Dupes

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