Fashion Forward Halloween Outfits

Halloween is creeping up on us…literally!!

I’ve decided to do a series of more high fashion outfit ideas for Halloween. The older crowd usually goes out to nightclubs, nice events, or parties where it is required to wear a “costume”. Most women stray from those embarrassing elf or M&M costumes they sell as Party City, and get stuck being a naughty nurse or sexy sailor. Then men are usually stuck being their woman’s additional accessory to their costume mess. This year I am going to put together outfits for both men and women that are unique and fashion forward. Designer and miscellaneous pieces will be used, and anything can be altered, these are simply ideas!

Let me know if you have any ideas in mind you want me to throw together

Here are two common but girly outfit ideas taken to another level!

Fashion Forward Halloween Outfits

email me @ for any questions!


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