Givenchy Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Review

The Givenchy show took place in Paris put on by Ricardo Tisci, Givenchy’s creative director. The mood was very dark and eery; it seemed gypsy/joan or arc inspired! The models walking the runway looked like bad B***S forsure! There were about 55 looks for Givenchy, mostly dark colors, leather, and suede. Tisci said his collection was inspired by a pinball game, which made sense due to the zigzag cat-walk and zigzag leather string designs. This show was one of my favorite shows in paris!!

The show commenced with a black suede dress with lace-wrap front and leather-wrap boot heels on a dark hair model, Sara Brannon. The over the knee boots caught my attention the minute Brannon walked out. The entire show stuck with this theme. Everyone either looked like an avatar, a greek goddess, or warrior!

Here is the first look of the show!

Look 4 was one of my favorite, the white and black leather pattern was busy but the high waisted leather pants simplified the look. It was also the first look of the show that wasn’t a dress! The long back leather coat was incredible. The next five models wore similar outfits which i ordered!

The next seven looks were my least favorite of the entire show. I did not like the see-through black and white striped look, or the over sized, wide arm blouses and dresses!

This was one of the outfits!

Now, the brown accents began to come into the show which transitioned the mood a bit!

Next, my favorite part of the show! Supermodel Kendall Jenner emerged looking like a goddess in a low cut romper, paired with beautiful knee high boots, and a white and brown side hobo-style. She looked like avatar as well, she was captivating ! The low neck cuts were throughout the entire show and i really enjoyed the look!

More white came around outfit 29 as Yumi Lambert wore a white and black croc printed leather dress

Loved this top under the black dress on Veroneik G and on Milena behind her! This show was all about being sexy and fierce!

I was so excited when i heard Rosie Huntington was walking Givenchy; Unfortunately, her outfit was a disaster in my opinion. The black on black didnt work with the oversized blouse! The shirt was sheer, but was ruined with a black piece under! The shoes looked strange with the outfit as well due to the consistent fabric up to the toe. big NO NO!

What caught my attention throughout the entire show were the little variety of shoes! i only saw two variety of boots in black and brown leather throughout the entire show! Good thing they were pretty! The heel was a very interesting one! it lowered into a thick heel, but ended up being just a simple medal bar!

The show, in my opinion, was fantastic! the theme of the show was very unique to other very floral shows in Paris! Many A-listers attended the show this year including Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and baby North West in the front row!

It was refreshing and interesting how only 4 colors were used throughout the show: black, whitem brown, and baby pink!

More Fashion Show Reviews coming every day this week!





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