Chanel Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Review |the good and the not so good|

I want to start off by saying that Paris Fashion Week exceeded my expectations. The Saint Laurent and Sonia Rykiel shows were absolutely astonishing. The prints and “boy” inspired looks were so chic. Today im going to speak about the Chanel show put on by Karl Lagerfeld; the show was mainly fantastic including the feminist protest that closed the show, but it did have some extremely unpleasant outfits as well. The show had a total of 86 looks; i believe about 60 looks were worthy, but the rest deserv to be dumped!

The show commenced with a very office vibe from the pleated pant suits the models wore. They seemed very heavy and were uniquely colorful. Some were extraordinary, but some fell short and were boarder-line “too baggy” in my opinion. The first four outfits pictured are awesome. Just enough skin and color to compliment the season. A touch of bold silk and oranges and pinks to contrast the pleats. Most of the outfits were beautiful, but some did not look hobo chic, just hobo.

ch2         ch6     ine neef


This following look is way too baggy in my opinion. This model is also quite tall, if its baggy on her, imagine what it would look like on a petite woman? atrocious!!ch7

The next set of looks were very silky and bold in mostly orange and pink shades.  I think this set of looks was targeted for a more eccentric crowd, but i think most looks are beautiful. I believe these colors can only be pulled off by few people, this gorgeous model Ana Ewers being one of them!

anna ewers

This look on the other hand was too squared off, coloful, and did not fit correctly in my opinion. I dont see myself in this outfit, or any person to be honest…THe only part of the body showing are Sam Rollinsons knee caps….no thank you!


A few suede looks walked the runway half way through the show which i thought were absolutely fabulous. Julia Bergshoeff wore a majestic baby pink suede suite that definitely caught my attention. The suit also came in a dark shade of emerald green. cha

Then came my favorite outfit of the show. This dress was the definition of spring. it was refreshing after all of those heavy fabrics to see Taylor Hill walk in this beautiful white and pink dress.

tay hill


The next set of outfits were very much for a mature crowd, one model even appeared to be in her fifty’s!!! I really think these looks would be incredibly flattering on woman of 40-60+ years.

This was my second favorite look the show ! this assemble was perfectly paired and could please any age! so simple! The collar  and dual toned shoes completes the look

Gisele walked look 51 and she awed the crowd. She blew me away to be honest; her body looked toned and her outfit complemented her skin tone and ombre waves ! The shoes were not very cute and looked like those walmart slip-on boots though…

Then came this….. what is this…. Karl, this was not in any way a form of art and quite disappointing i must say !

The ony thing i enjoyed about this outfit was the shoes and gold stockings…the rest was a solid NO including Esmeralda Reynold’s makeup!

Outfit 63 was worn by one of my favorite upcoming supermodels Gigi Hadid; unfortunately, it looked as if she was ready to clean the catwalk after the show…The entire outfit was off. 

Look 77 was probably the worst of the show! Who forgot to tell Karl the garbage bag look is so 1980… NO NO NO! Horrifying

amanda sanchez

Then came the famous and gorgeous Kendall Jenner! Unfortunately, her piano-looking dress made her look quite terrible! The dress simply didn’t work, and poor Kendall was forced to wear it! Her shoes were fabulous though, and her skin and cheekbones almost overpowered the ugly assemble.

After look 86 came all the models with a variety of feminist-pro signs! They created a feminist protest due to Karl’s desire to look back into the past and honor his mother. Even though i personally think it was an attention-stunt, the model’s looked extremely cute with their bullhorns and angry faces. Karl Lagerfeld led them down the runway!



Overall, the show was breath-taking. Karl put out a total of 86 looks with the top models from all over the world. His main gal Cara looked astonishing!! Kendall and Cara even left the show afterward continuing the feminist streak! They posted matching pics to their instagram promoting the campaign!


i hope you all enjoyed this extensive review!

i will be reviewing a ton of shows from this years spring fashion shows!!





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