My New Collection: LOVE || ENVY

I just released a new collection with my good friend, and designer Blake Minto. He owns a store, The Archives, with his brother Brad on Las Olas Boulevard. 



photo 3 (4) Our LOVE // ENVY collection is bringing together different lifestyles and ways of thinking. We are here to tell a story through our pieces. Our mission is to challenge the fashion lover to branch out.

Love and Envy is something that all of us have inside of us in one form or another.

The Love collection resembles unconditional affection, that we share for people, things or products. Sophisticated, open minded, and forward thinking.
photo (2)
The Envy Collection is inspired and intended for the fashion lover who strives for greatness, who is absorbed by brands and becoming successful. The one who believes he or she is the best dressed in the room and has no problem expressing it.

Each collection has it’s own unique personality, special touch and meaning. Let your personality speak through your fashion. Dare to be different.

Love & Envy

XO || XX


photo 4 (4)photo 3 (3)IMG_7322


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