Planning a Trip to New York?

Planning a trip to New York for the holidays? DO IT! New York is a diverse place to enjoy with family and friends. A wide variety of activities are available for all ages and weather. Museums, the Statue of Liberty, ice skating, and walking Central Park are all great options; but shopping wins the gold when speaking of FUN! Shopping in New York is a dream; you are potentially shopping in every corner of the world when visiting 5th Ave, Soho, and Madison. All designer and luxury stores are present, along with boutiques, and thrift shops.

I recently visited New York 2 weeks ago for my 17th birthday.  I walked about 50 miles in 5 days but very worth it for the shopping and food. Soho is my number one choice when shopping in the city because you will find unique pieces no one owns. If you are looking for designer staple items, take a trip to 5th Ave or Madison for Chanel, Gucci, Prada and Versace. Personally, three stores I really enjoy splurging at in New York are Top Shop, Brandy Melville, and Barneys New York because they are not in  Florida. I get to shop for pieces I would not normally be exposed to. These stores are extremely current and fashion-forward. Take a look for your self J

Planning a Trip to New York?

Topshop shift dress

See through dress

Brandy melville top

Topshop black top

Daisy top

Topshop black skirt

Alexander McQueen platform shoes

Balenciaga buckle purse


Maria CC


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