Outfits to be

Outfits to be? Yes! trends are quickly changing and soon enough you will see outfits just like these roaming the streets! The first outfit is sheek and crisp with a very interesting color and pattern combination. The gold stands out due to the emerald green accents. The shoes compliment the green and yellow tones as well and dont over power the staple peice. The second is an out-of-the-box outfit, created by three very unique pieces. A oxford button down crop top with vintage star wars shorts accent the bold studded Jeffrey Campbells. Its not a typical get-together, but it is definitely a great, bold one! The last outfit is simple, classic and beautiful. Black and white is my all time favorite combination! The leather is extremely in style right now, along with the triangle skorts in outfits one and three. They are new in style and comfortable for any occasion. The shoes in outfit three are Jeffrey Campbells, classic as well.

Outfits to be

TIBI black top

Mini skirt

Jeffrey campbell booties

Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots
$210 – office.co.uk






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