Candles, Buddhas, Skulls

Candles, Buddhas and Skulls! These items are all in for this seasons home decor. A simple gold candle could illuminate an entire room as well as add a classic touch. Any buddha can transform a den or bedroom into a calm, peaceful santuary. Add a skull for a masculine and edgy spark to a dull room as well. There are endless possibilites with these three unique household items. Candles come in all scents, sizes, shapes and colors. Skulls and Buddhas are usually a semi-precious stone color, gold silver or black. My favorite include the Alexander Mcqueen skulls, the NYC candles, and the Zgallery buddha heads. Candles, Buddhas, Skulls


Home decor

Eclectic by Tom Dixon wedding candle
$105 –

Diptyque glass candle

Diptyque aromatic candle

White home decor
$80 –

Book bookend

Hand statue

Wax candle

H M black home decor
$6.34 –





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