Black is the new Black

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Black is the new black? Yes! You can now roam the streets and not be named a goth or depressed when wearing an all black outfit. Fashion has flipped from summer to winter with no transitional stage. From floral and neons to dark tones and geometric patterns. Personally, i wear mostly black, white and grey.  Throw in spikes, chains and leather if youd like to make your black attire stand out. I believe that back then, black was a color people strayed from. It would be used in pieces but never paired. Now, fashion foward individuals like Kanye West, Chaira and Rihanna have all set the standard for some insane all black outfits. Here are some of my favorite pieces you can purchase online or in stores. Black is the new Black

Crop top

Jeffrey Campbell black booties
$175 –

Gray nail polish
$14 –

Coach black home decor



Maria CC




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