Must Have Pieces: Jewelry

Every girl or woman should have staple go-to items in their jewelry box. Certain things should be able to be paired with any outfit. I recommend spending a little more on expensive and durable items that can last you a life time. I believe if you really love the piece it’s worth the splurge!

Some of my favorite pieces in my jewelry box : Tiffany earrings and necklace, Michael Kors gold watch, Italian rings and diamond earrings, and my blue stone Hamsah necklace. All of these items can accompany any outfit of mine. I also love combining silver and gold when i put on jewelry.

Some of my favorite jewelry designers include David Yerman, Cartier, Tiffany & Co. , and Alexander McQueen.

Here are a few pieces that i believe can be staples for any woman

Must Have Jewelry

These items are a bit pricey but definitely worth the money. These selected pieces will last you a lifetime and can transform any casual outfit. It makes anything classic and fancy instead of basic and generic.

For any information on each individual item, email me at and don’t forget to follow me on instagram: Marrcandela


Maria CC



  1. So ahead of building that selection, go thru a multitude of retailers to match quality and price ranges.
    India’s owners, by way of small basic whole life the result little
    princess, associated with money, the girl was able to take care of their valuable noiseless, sadly primarily perform over the gem.
    Style jewelry is a great reward choice, like petals, flowers, if in gold or platinum blonde

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