Styling Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend jeans easy to dress-up or dress-down and perfect for those lazy days! High end brands are making these jeans in all colors, tones and styles; they are adding rips and fades to the simple baggy look.

As you can see, the first and last look are very casual and simple. Basic Tanks and sweaters, paired with one-toned bags and jewelry. Tennis shoes or sandals work perfectly with this looks as well. The two middle looks are for a dinner-party or even an event. They are sheek and modern but still simple and elegant. The short tops allow the look not to appear to “baggy” and casual as the first two. The heels also permit the outfit to work for many different occasions. 

Boyfriend jeans


I will be posting my own personal “boyfriend jeans” lookbook this week to show you the many ways to style these diverse pants. 

I purchased mine at LF, which by the way is currently in its only sale of the season!! J Brand, Husdon, Topshop and even Urban Outfitters sell boyfriend jeans in many different styles! 

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Maria CC


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