Unique places to eat in Miami

Miami is a great place to visit with friends and family at any age and time of season. Its hot, exciting and entertaining if you know the secret gems hidden in the vast city. Lucky for you, Imo an expert due to my 15 year residency here and Miami and i’m happy to guide your trip! Today, I’m going to tell you about the best place for all types of food here in Miami. There are famous streets and sections you can travel to that have a wide variety of amazing restaurants, pubs, and bars. One that i will be talking about is Lincoln Road, which contains some of the best spots to dine. Restaurants  Barton G Miami, and Tosca, will be discussed as well!


Lincoln Road is an exceptional street that contains over 50 incredible restaurants. Not only are there every food group on this single road, there are the top shops and stores as well. Its a whole experience, you dine, you shop, you enjoy a gelato,and integrate with others as they walk their puppys or rollerblade home. Not only is the food insane, but they all are inviting and really attend to you properly.

Some of the best restaurants on this street include : Tiramesu(italian), Sushi Samba(japanese), Nexxt Cafe(american), and Quattro(french)



Barton G is an experience like no other, you have to see it to believe it! It combines incredible cousine with exciting, over-the-top, renovating presentations and aromas! Each meal is a trip, a fun and creative take on food!

For example, their famous LOBSTER POP-TART (Lobster and Gruyere in a Flaky CrustTrio of Sauces-Hollandaise, Cajun Lime Aioli, Tarragon Remoulade) comes  presented in an old toaster, the beef with a giant fork pitched in the center and the Mac and Cheese in a mouse trap! 

Not only are they famous for their food and dining experience, but for their unforgettable cocktails. Some include the Pink elephant nitro-tini, the Buddalicious and Diamonds are forever. 

and… PLEASE ORDER DESSERT! They have insane plates that make your palette explode



Tosca is a new hot spot in Miami that includes light fares from the Italian and Mediterranean Riverias. They focus on quality ingredients, creating master peices and treating their guest like royalty. Thier fish is overnighted daily; it’s from another planet, also known as France, Greece and Italy.  

The restaurant has an outside area that is to die for! Even the bathrooms are spectacular. Everything sparkles and makes the food glow even more. The Prawns i had on Mother’s Day melted in my mouth and the appetizers blew my family and I away.

This is definitely a hidden gem !!

Here are addresses


210 23rd Street (At the corner of Collins Avenue)
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Barton G Miami

1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 672-8881

Thanks for reading and come back for to read about the best activites here in Miami !


Maria CC



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