Summer bags – the small, the medium, and large !

Summer is here and it’s finally time to hit the beaches, parks, mountains and monuments! Whether your soaking up rays or studying ancient history, many items are needed to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars or a map, its vital to have a relaxed and smooth time. Every item must be placed somewhere, and what better place than a trendy bag. If you dont carry a bag, there is an extremely great chance something will be forgotten. A bag doesnt have to be collosal, but its good to own small, medium and large bags to fit your activity.

Here i have several bags that could be utilized for a wide variety of activities and pleasures. Backpacks, hobos, shoulder bags, totes and luggages can all be completely stylish. Also, they come in all different prints, patterns, colors and shapes.


Here are a variety of bags. The top are small, middle row is medium and bottom row are large. Most of these bags are on the expensive side, but i believe owning one designer bag is more intelligent than having a million cheap bags that fall apart after the first use.

I personally own the Louis Vuitton Speedy 45 and use it for absolutely everything. i travel with it, shop with it, stuff it with all kinds of things and it is still completely intact and brand new. It was well worth the money ! I also own a vintage Givenchy that must be atleast 5 years old that i purchased last year in Italy. It is still shiny black and can probably be used for 10 more years.

If you do prefer to spend a little less, try going to stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom when they have good deals. The bags will be cheaper, but the quality will be there.

Other stores such as Urban Outfitters and H&M have extremely affordable bags that could be of great use on a camping or beach trip! Topshop, Brandy Melville and ASOS can also provide you with amazing items.

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