How to rock Animal Print

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Animal Print is hard to really “rock” for a billion reasons! Too much is way too much, and mixing color with a print is almost a science! You must really be able to handle the print correctly to shine! For example an animal print t-shirt matching the shoes may be too much if the pants or accesories dont tone it down. Also, animal print can look cheap if not used correctly. Personally, i do not love animal print on sunglasses, earring, necklaces or scarves. Remember to always evaluate the prints you use before struting out the door!

Here are a few items that are fierce but nice to pair with any outfit!

All of these can be paired with black, white or nude items. For example. the bathing suits can be paired with a black opposite part, the belts with white pants and the heals with a nude dress.

Hope you enjoyed the post and email me if you have any questions or request!!





  1. Maria! Love this post it’s great and super helpful! I sent you an email because I would love some tips from you!

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