Staple Pieces from Winter to Spring

Living in Florida, it can get difficult when the transition months come around. When February sneaks up on me, i tend to have a day-to-day dilemma on whether its summer-attire or winter-attire weather. Thankfully, I’v found some staple pieces that will help me be ready for whatever climate comes my way! Here are 3 signature things i tend to pull out quite frequently this time of month.

1. Beanies

Beanies are cute, comfy, and can either keep your ears warm or cover a bad hair day.

2. Socks

Socks? YES socks! Socks are being paired with boots, supergas, leggings, pants, shorts, skirts EVERYTHING! All  prints, colors, and lengths are in style and can keep your feet cozy and add edge to your outfit! Some of my Favorites are my H&M leopard socks, my british socks, and my DKNY printed socks.

3. Thin Jumpers & Sweaters

Thin jumpers and sweaters can be worn with shorts when the weather is a bit hotter or with it’s matching pants or leggings when the temperature drops! Its a great way to layer or be able to shed some pieces when the sun comes out! Some of my favorite are my Wildfox Rose Jumper and, my Royal Blue Juicy Couture Sweater and my Grey Brandy Melville Jumper.


Hope you enjoyed this post & remember to check in for new updates!


Maria CC



  1. Hey, I look at your blog a lot and I was wondering if you can help me with some ideas for cute outfits because I am leaving to Washington d.c. With my school?

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