“Tie the knot” T-shirt Trend

In the past few months ive been noticing a very unique statement trend. It all started in the start of summer where many celebrities were tying the ends of their T-shirts, blouses and tanks into knots to show some skin. The trend has erupted and now even skirts are tied into a knot! Its actually very simple but can really change how an outfit is put together. It gives it a careless spin!


All you have to do is tug the t – shirt or tank to one side.

Then you pull as tight or loose as you would like and wrap the fabric around two fingers

You then loop the fabric and pull through the middle without tugging to hard. The knot can also be made it the middle.

Its great to wear with a maxi skirt (right) or with high waisted shorts.

  • Its great when the shirt doesnt have much detail or excitement!
  • It can be edgy or boho, or even both!
  • The Shirt can be pulled super tight or you can use an oversized T like on the right.
  • The great thing about this trend is you can take any old clothing piece and transform it into an every day shirt.
  • Stores like Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 really follo up on this trend!

For the past couple of months, the stores have incorporated this knot into many clothing pieces. Some shirts come knotted already even!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can definitely check out how to put an outfit together by going online to any of these stores or simply walking by the stores display. Even though its a summer trend, it has transitioned to fall and winter for sure!

You can now knot the bottom of your maxi skirt or even a long sleeved shirt can be knotted for a little twist on any outfit!

Hope you enjoy reading,


Maria CC

Instagram: MJCandela



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