Great Restaurants in Miami

Recently ive been visiting many unique and delicious restaurants in the Miami area. Not only is the food one of a kind, the overall experience is outstanding!Fresh products and ingredients, great atmospheres and views, along with 5 star attention. Im going to share with you 3 places that are absolutely a-must when visiting Miami.

#1 – La Gloutonnerie (Miami Beach, FL)

“A hidden corner where Old World traditions meet the vibrancy of modern Miami. Where the exhilarating flavors of nouveau cuisine mingle with the rustic comforts of French home cooking. Where masterful chefs, quality ingredients and time-tested techniques create culinary brilliance.”

The first time i went, i was blown away! Its absolutely beautiful and the outside placement is to die for. When you enter, you experience a bar of fresh products layed on ice. Fish, crab, squid, octupus, clams, oysters, salami, burrata and much more! The seafood chief is slicing sashimi in front of you near the bar. At the bar, they serve you small appetizers with your drinks as well. The food is a plus! I ordered the LES MOULES GLOUTONNES (Mediterranean Mussels Perfumed with Chablis, Garlic Croutons) as an appetizer. Amazing! Over 50 oysters in a pot served with freshly made and crafted bread. The aroma is to die for. As a main dish i had the LE DOVER BIARRITZ (Grilled Dover Sole with Capers and Lemon). Served with olive oil, the fish melted like butter in my mouth. Everything on the menu is 5 star quality, and the desserts are the cherry on top!

Here are some pictures of some great dishes and the food bar display.


#2 – Sardinia Ristorante (Miami Beach, FL)

“Zagat’s America’s Top Restaurants 2011”

This is my moms favorite restaurant of all time! It’s menu speaks for itself. The fresh apettizer tasting platter is a must. It comes with 7 types of mozzarellas and burrata cheeses. We ordered this platter as well as a grilled octopus for the center. Then i had the Spaghetti bottarga di muggine fromCabras. This was above all! The simple yet exotic taste was like no other! The location is great & the experience as a whole is worth it!


#3 – Spris (South Beach)

#3 – Spris (South Beach, FL)

This is a pizza place owned by a family friend on Lincon Road that makes you feel like your dining in Italy. The pizza is done right, in a wood-burning oven with only the freshest ingredients. The burrata, ricotta, and gorgonzola are all possible toppings; as well as egg, proscuitto, shrimp, chicken, arugula, porcini mushrooms, eggplant, sausage and much more! The dough is thin just like authentic italian pizza. They even have gluten free and whole wheat pizza dough! The pizza is great, but some other dishes are on point as well. The frutti de mare salad is extremely fresh and vibrant! The burrata and the calzones are another great meal! The food is great and the location is better! The lincoln road vibe is wonderful! Music, people, lights!! Everyone and everything seems happy around you! The prices are great and to finish off the night, dont forget to order the nutella pizza!!

**On the left is my ricotta, mozzarella, tomato and mushroom pizza. In the back is the classical cheese pizza and the 4 cheese calzone.

Hope you go and try one of these gems!


Maria CC


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