Jewelry of the Season

Jewelry doesnt really go out of style, but there are definetely trends the roam around and change every season.

This season ive seen a ton of more edgy jewelry, even from top notch designers. Everything from studs to skulls are incorporated into this years rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I adore the layering on the wrist, i adore the two-toned bands and leather raps,and i ah-dore the stacking of rings, finger to finger. Here are some of my top picks and trends of 2012 Fall Jewelry.

Top Pick Bracelets 

Alexander McQueen Bottle-Green/Gold Enamel Skull Bangle                  ~~~             TopShop Studded Cuff Bangle                        ~~~Michael Kors Aster Buckle Bangle        ~~~~Tory Burch Leather Wrap Logo Bracelet                                                                                    ~~~ Alexander Mcqueen Black Skull Wrap Bracelet          ~~~Italian leather Tan Wrap Bracelet

Top Pick Rings and Earrings

All of these rings and earrings can be found at places such as Nordstoms or Bloomingdales. Along with stores like Alexander McQueen to Forever 21. Some of my favorite from this group of Earrings and Rings are the 3-toned stacked rings from H&M in the 2nd row, 4th item. The House of Harlow skull stoned ring in the 2nd row, 2nd item. And the skull studs from LeiVanKash


Top Pick Necklaces

Staple necklaces are a must this season incorporating studs and skulls,crosses,roses,triangles, and thin plates. Gold is trending as well as two-toned necklaces. Layering pieces on the neck isnt as common this season. One bold necklace will be enough with the other jewelry you decide to use.

You can find these pieces anywhere from top brand names like Alexander Mcqueen to H&M or Forever 21.

-Remember to not go overboard with rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Let one of the 4 be the staple item and the rest will compliment.

Hope this will put you on track this fall with your jewelry choices and look out for my accesories post sometime this week!


Maria CC



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