Best Shoes for Fall

Fall iscoming up and newshoes are pouring in to the topstoresaroundthe country. Popular trends are transitioningfrom last fall, but renovated and better than ever!

Boots are obviously a must, but the past year has been therevolution of combat boots for sure! In all shapes, forms, and sizes, boots have been substitutedfor pretty much everything.They are worn everywhere, anywhere, at any time of the year! Rider boots are slowly fading, along with Uggs and tall Moccasin boots. Motor Cycle style boots are also becoming a hit!

Closedod  & oddly shaped heels are also pushing ahead this fall. The Jeffrey Campbells definitely hit its stride this year with its new colors and textures

Studded, “wornout” sneakers are a new trend as well! With a heel or not, they are being paired with pretty much anything as well. its comfort and style put into a shoe!

Elevated Sneakers are becoming a #1 trend as well. The original Supergas from Italy came out with a lifted sneaker and Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, Aldo and BDG followed!

We might also see some oxfords this fall. With a colorful sole and a pastel twist, it can be paired with some printed pants, boyfriend jeans or edgy shorts.

Some popular added detail to shoes would be studs, rhinestones, glitter, skulls, fabrics and animal prints!

Most worn brands for this Fall are said to be Steve Madden, Sam Edelmann, Frye, Aldo, and Jeffrey Campbell !

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Maria CC



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