Fashionista Alert : Kylie & Kendall Jenner


Kylie and Kendall Jenner are definitely are at the top of my list of favorite fashionistas! There style is young and fun, chic but edgy! My style is unique but i can relate most of my outfits and favorite pieces to many of theirs. A lot of their clothes are from local boutiques and stores in Cali and New York, but its obvious what some of their top large brands are. They also shop online very frequently and get clothes sent from agents/affiliated brands!

Kylie and Kendall’s “Top Shops”

-Brandy Melville    -Urban Outfitters     -Wildfox      -Zara     -Steve Madden        -Kitson


Kylie and Kendall have pretty much the same style. How they put together their outfits are extremely cool! They combine simple basics with high fashion pieces. They like to combine combat boots with most things: dresses, leggings, skirts, shorts etc..  They wear a lot of black, whites and pastels. Their clothing is also very bold due to the added details like studs, skulls, cuts and threads.

Kendall’s Top 7 Looks

Kylie’s Top 7 Looks


(Information on the outfits can be found on

I hope you find some inspirations from Kylie and Kendall like i do! They are extremely talented girls going to be big in the world of fashion!


Maria CC


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