Back to School Must-Haves : Pink, BCBG, Office Max & more

I believe being organized is a definite must to staying on track; and why not do it in style?

Here are a list of my Back to School items and some tips to help you have a great year!

— My Personal Everyday Back to School Items —

Office Max leather Binder – $21

Prada Pouch -(check Prada store for price variation)

Leather Comp Book

Sharpies – 2.99 each

Victoria Secret Student Planner – $15 (sold out)

Essie Polish – $9

Juicy Couture 1 oz Eau de Parfum – $52

Silver Ruler – (price varies)

Black Lonchamp (large) – $145    BCBG Studded earphones – $40


LESS IS MORE – the heavier and fuller your backpack is, the harder to find and organize.

CLEAN UP – remember to empty out your backpack and clean up unused papers and items at least twice a month.

 COMFORTABLE IS #1 – being comfortable with your items is a priority! you need to know where and how to find your things.

BE PREPARED – pack up and close your backpack the night before; that way you wont forget any important assignments.

PLAN – use a planner to keep up with homework and extra activities. Better safe then sorry.

♛ DO IT IN STYLE – if you have to buy supplies, you might as well buy something you will like carrying around! 

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to ask questions if needed!





    1. Depends the weather! usually, if its hot ofcourse, i would go for some high waisted denim shorts and a bandeau top with some biker boots. The steve madden LAZURAS or FRAANKIES are perfect! Try to go for some studs as well 🙂

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