Top 10 Make-Up Products & Beauty Tips!

Here are my top 10 makeup products & beauty tips that have helped me on my best and worse days!

My #1 Tips

1. Makeup is NOT a mask, its to enhance natural beauty!

2. Do not cake foundation, powder or concealer because the face begins to appear dirty.

3. The reason for blush, bronzer and highlighter is to complement the cheekbones and natural light points of the face.

4.Use a primer for EVERYTHING; eyeshadow, foundation, and even blush! The lasting power is definitely worth the extra step.

5.Less is more when applying products on the eyes! Simple mascara and a little liner goes a long way and amplifies the eyes.

Last but not least …DONT apply makeup in a rush! squiggly liner and uneven face makeup just makes the situation worse!


 Foundation : Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation – $44

Blush : Bobbi Brown – Apricot – $24

Bronzer : NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder – $34

Highlighter : Benefits High Beam Liquid Highlighter – $26

Concealer : MAC Pro-longwear Concealer – $18

Mascara : Benefits There Real Mascara – $23

Pencil Eyeliner : Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on  Pencil – $19               Eyeshadow : Urban Decay NAKED palette #1 and #2 – $50

Liquid Eyeliner : Sephora Long Lasting Liner(brown) – $10             Lipstick : YSL Rouge Volupte – $34

All these products are definitely worth the price!! They can be purchased at Sephora, MAC, or Nordstrom ; or at their online site.








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