Combat Boots – “How, When, and Where” ☠

If you haven’t been hiding in a cave for the past 6 months, you know how insanely popular combat boots have become! From one moment to the next, combats boots began to appear EVERYWHERE. They were primarily introduced as a “hit” item at the New York Mercedes Fashion Show in 2011. They were paired with everything from dresses to lingerie. Accessorized with real flowers, studs and chains; combat boots caught the crowd’s eye.

The world picked up the trend in a heartbeat! Nobody hesitated to go out and search for the coolest pair! Celebrities are seen in combat boots 24/7 when roaming around the hollywood area, shopping in the big apple or even walking the red carpet. Not only are celebs in love with the statement piece, but every teenage girl(along with a couple moms) swear by them!

I personally wear combat boots religiously! I pair them with dresses, skirts, maxi’s, high waisted shorts and leggings. They definitely aren’t a look for everyone, but if you know “How, When and Where” to wear them, they will be the star of any outfit!

HOW– Make sure when styling your outfit you revolve it around your combat boots. Don’t go for a floral mid-length dress with a bright pink purse and throw on black combat boots. The look has to complete the boots. For example, some high-waisted jeans with a black studded crop top would look great with black boots or even an above-the-knee red body con dress with heavy gold accessories. Another thing to keep in mind is matching the accessories with the boots. For example, Make sure the hardware on the boots match your jewelry and bag. If your boots have silver studs, wear silver jewelry.

 WHEN- Combat boots can be worn almost year round. Usually in the summer months people opt for flats and sandals but combat boots are still seen with mini dresses and shorts in the hot time of the year.

 WHERE- The “where” is really simple now-a-days because of how versatile combats boots  have become. Really, the only place you shouldn’t be wearing your combat boots is the pool, gym and beach. Feel free to strut your boots at the mall, school and parties!

Combat Boots are worth splurging on, they can be worn hundreds of different ways!


Steve Madden Troopa (black)

Michael Kors Joplin Boots (black) 

Dr. Martens leather Combat (white)

Dolce Vita Suede Lace Up Boots (tan)

Urban Outfitters Crochet Lace Up Boots (green/brown)

(pictured in cream)


These are my combat boots i wear day to day. They are pricey but they are well worth the money. If you buy a pair of combat boots with cheap leather or material, they will last a month, tops! Combat boots are meant to be worn a lot and tormented; so going for a heavy duty pair is important! If you do go for a cheaper alternative,make sure you check out the stitching and material!





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