Sushi Saturday – Sun, Sushi, in-Sanity ☯

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 was Sushi Saturday! The day began with some blogging of course and the beautiful sun. I laid out for about two hours with my Pandora (Ed Sheeran) Radio on high and 3 bottles of freezing water. A quick, cold shower and off to Japan Inn. I love having fresh sushi on a burning day, so i ordered a seafood salad to begin. It had a load of raw salmon, yellow tail, squid and shrimp with lettuce,broccoli,carrots all dressed in ginger dressing. I then ordered some sushi and sashimi; salmon, octopus, yellowtail and tuna. My mom had some cucumber salmon rolls that looked great and my dad a seaweed salad and sushi as well.

Outfit of the Day 

Top: Black Silk Cropped Bandeau           Bottoms: Turquoise Maxi Skirt           Shoes- Black Studded Bow Sandals

Watch – Silver Chrome            purse – Black(gold studded) handle bag          Phone case- XL Chanel

outfit of the day
Sushi and Sashimi
Top: Maria’s selection
Bottom: Dad’s selection
Cucumber wrapped Salmon Roll (mom’s)


After sushi, we went to watch The Bourne Legacy, which was great by the way! I recommend you watch the 3 previous Bourne movies first to really understand the plot though. It really is insane how the movie is put together. The detail is incredible and is definitely worth a trip to the movies! Buy a good, buttery popcorn and enjoy the action!

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Maria CC



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