Typical Sunday – Workout, Pool, Food & Movie ☼

Today i had an amazing day from start to finish! It began with a great workout at my local athletic club, Midtown(which is  gorgeous by the way). After about an hour of working hard, i baked in the hot summer sun for about half an hour, then a relaxing steam room shower, and off to lunch. We headed to Fuddruckers as we were all craving a good, juicy burger! YUM! Next was the frozen yogurt stop next door, TCBY. I had hazelnut and strawberry yogurt with Oreos. DOUBLE YUM! As it began to drizzle we all agreed upon going to the movies to watch The Campaign (very,very funny) at Regal 24. Our final destination was my cousins house to say hi to the family and at last back home(to blog ofcourse). 🙂

Midtown Athletic Club

Outfit of the Day- 

Top – Brandy Melville Cropped Tee              Skirt – Brandy Melville Maxi Skirt          Shoes – Sam Edelmann  Snakeskin Sandals

 Watch – Louis Arden Gold XL             Purse –  Black (gold studs) -Miami boutique       Necklace Juicy Couture Heart Dog Tag

Phone Case- XL White and Black Chanel 

Sam Edelmann Snakeskin Sandals
Beautiful day in Florida

The delicious burger


Maria CC


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