Favorites on TV, Book Finds, and Hidden Artist

Recently, i decided to go on a search for some new series, movies, books and artists for the new season. I was looking for something i could look forward to for when i come home and need to collapse on the nearest bed or sofa!

OnTV– Lately the London Olympics have been on my #1 most watched list; unfortunately those are coming to an end! 

Ive also been “keeping up” with the Kardashians on their hit reality show! its a fun watch! at the moment, Kourtney is pregnant and is exploring the possibilities of home birth. Kim is working harder than ever and Khloe and Lamar just moved back to California. Mommy Kardashian and Mr.Jenner are trying to work out their problems as their life gets more hectic by the second!(on E!)

 Pretty Little Liars has been emotional and nail-biting! Aria and Ezra have just found a speed bump; Ezra’s mom! Also Aria just found out Ezra is basically made out of money! Are they heading to splitsville because of mommy Fitz? Hanna is doing everything possible to bring crazy Mona back to sanity, but is Mona going to help hanna or continue helping A? Spencer is fighting to find all the evidence but she getting herself more involved than needed? Emily still confused about her drunken night is getting more and more news on what went on that night. Will the news be in her favor? (on ABC)

Master Chef is getting good as 6 finalist battle for the big bucks! As the contestants fight for their lives, its coming down to who performs picture perfect every day! Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot return for Season Three.Becky, Joshua, Christine, Frank, David and Monti are competing weekly in mystery box challenges and pressure test. Last week, for their brutal assignment , they had to cook 101 steaks for cowboys on a dry mountain in 60 minutes with 2 side dishes. They were split in teams of 2 and had only 45 minutes to serve. The battle was intense and dramatic as the losing team had to undergo the pressure test. (on fox)


New books

Iv’e recently went to barnes and nobles to pick up some new reads! i headed to the best selling teen and drama books as well as the best sellers at the moment. i came across a series called Uglies by Scott Westerfield (left)which was ranked 3rd on the list. It sounds very interesting! its written about the future but about how society classified and seperated pretty and uglies. Its based on a girl that has 3 months until the surgery to become a “pretty” when things become “complicated”.

Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan is another best seller i picked up. i haven’t started the book(guilty) but the overview and reviews on the book captivated me immendiately. overview:”No one tried to get involved with me, and I kept to myself. This was the place where everything was supposed to be safe and easy. How could Evan Mathews unravel my constant universe in just one day?” He knows there’s something more to the girl sitting in the back of the class the moment he sees her. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and athletic – but she slips quietly through the crowded halls, trying not to exist. Determined to get to know the elusive girl, Evan soon discovers…Emma Thomas is hiding a terrible a secret.

Hidden Artist- Ed Sheeran

On Pandora Radio one day i came across this breathtaking british singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. His music is based on his life and the goods and bads he has experienced. Each song is deeper than the previous and they all contain an emotional and heart lifting message. Not only is his british accent to DIE FOR, but his songs are personal and interesting with lyrics that make you feel like your reading a book. One of my favorite songs by him is Homeless written by him about his struggle to become somebody.

Please check Ed Sheeran out, i am sure each one of you will fall in love with his music.

Movies to Watch 

LOL -as a new year at school begins, Lola’s heart is broken by her boyfriend, though soon she’s surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, who reveals his feelings for her. (with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore) 

The Watch-  everyday suburban guys come together to form a neighborhood watch group, but only as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives, one night a week. When they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary people, they have no choice but to save their neighborhood — and the world — from total extermination. (With Ben Stiller,Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, Rosemarie DeWitt)

The watch is in Theaters now! LOL can be watched in Theaters in some countries (not the us) but can be watched on Dish Network, Direct TV and online !

Hope you enjoy my top picks and best finds this month 🙂


Maria CC



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