New Season, New Hair ☯ – Ombre

Ombre means “shaded” in french

With Fall around the corner, fresh is the new fabulous! -new clothes, new accessories and definitely a new hair style is must. On Celebs ive been seeing mostly short and wavy locks. Blonde hair was very popular these summer months but as the sunny times are coming to an end, most people are transitioning to darker and deeper color and cuts.

For me, i wanted something different so i decided to go ombre ! My hair was becoming a mess of colors with Florida’s sunshine to blame! I had dark brown roots and everything from blonde to red and in between(yuck)!

The process is a long one but most definitely worth it! My stylist Jorge Efren evaluated the colors very deeply because one can go many different ways creating an ombre look. Its not impossible, but it is difficult so make sure the stylist knows what he/she are doing. One mistake can leave your hair looking faded or fake!

Remember also that asking for ombre is very general! One can do ombre very, very bold with a load of dimension or it can be toned-down and look almost natural. Ombre can also be done with different colors. For example from blonde to pink or brown down to purple or red!


First, my stylist Jorge Efren(love him!) decided to put a base coat of dark brown due to the odd colors i had going on! This will allow all the other colors to look brighter and the colors wont look streaky! It was left in for about 40 minutes.

He then washed out the dye and we blew it dry so we could continue with the mid-tone he decided to use for the middle portion*. We went for a medium to chocolate brown not too different from the top so the bottom would be brighter.

*The middle color was only applied 4 inches from the roots to about 4-5 inches down. This is because the bottom will be bleached/dyed anyways and extra color can make hair really dry. It was in for about a half hour and we washed and blew the hair out again.

The following step was to bleach/dye the ends! Make sure the stylist knows how far up you want the blonde. I did go far up because my hair grows very fast (one can do 1 inch or 6 inches, its personal preference). The ends were foiled in and left in a heater for about 20 minutes then they were left in for another 20.

Last, the foil was removed, the hair was washed and a conditioning treatment was applied to my hair. The process can be very heavy for the hair so a treatment is recommended after all the color is removed!

The final product is beautiful and worth the hours and hours spent on the masterpiece!

Many celebs are also rocking ombre hair!

Miley Cyrus(left)

Demi Lovato,

Drew Barrymore,


Julia Roberts


It has been around for quite some time but more and more people are getting creative and addicted to the style!

Not only is the style very famous is the world of couture but many young girls, teens, and even adults are using the ombre effect to alluminate the face!

Lets just say that ombre is one of the most used styles and now i know why!


Maria CC




    1. Not necessarily! It depends how many colors you need to apply but most of the time since its just tips and it’s not distributed by strands, it comes to be somewhat cheaper! Give your stylist a call 🙂

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