Healthy Snacking 101

Its obvious that everyone gets munchies. Usually the munchies lead to sprinting to the nearest kitchen and attacking the pantry for something quick and delicious! Unfortunately quick snacks are usually bagged or wrapped, bagged or wrapped foods means there either chips, candy or cookies and that means your feeding your body the worst possible food for absolutely no reason.

EVERYONE loves soft sugar cookies or greasy,salty potato chips but nobody loves the result.

Healthy snacking doesn’t mean you have to prepare yourself veggies or go for lettuce..or water. Healthy snacking means choosing foods that are beneficial AND tasty.Snacking usually comes into play when someone is bored. Snacking usually occurs at night as well.  There are plenty of alternatives to cookies and chips that will allow you to look and feel healthier, NO DOUBT!

Here are some snack alternatives that are just as tasty and 100% better for you!

Whole Grain popcorn instead of Potato Chips, Pop-Secret mini bags

Chocolate Chip Rice cakes instead of Chocolate chip cookies, Quaker rice cakes

Frozen Yogurt instead of ice cream, Edy’s slow churned frozen yogurt

Dark Chocolate Squares instead of Milk/White Chocolate, ghirardelli 72% cacao dark choco squares

0% Greek Yogurt instead of flavored yogurts(full of sugar), Chobani greek  0%

Fresh fruit instead of sugary candy like skittles, All fresh fruit

Freeze dried fruits instead of sugary candy, Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps

All of these foods will replace the others with no downfall. They are just as yummy and they will keep you feeling full much longer! Not only will you be full, but you will notice the change in your body in no time!


Maria CC



  1. Yup, I agree! Just changed my eating habbits completely and the pounds just started dropping…However, at least 2 litres of water per day are necessary for the body.

    I like your blog, will keep looking 🙂 I am just getting started myself. Perhaps you’d like to look, too?

    Good luck!

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