♛Comfy Couture♛

Who said one can’t look good in their sweats??

I dont think there us one human being that has their I-dont-care-what-i-wear-as-long-as-its-comfy days. Either exhausted from the late night adventures or having to run a simple errand, everyone would love to look absolutely ah-dorable in their loungewear. Dressing up can get tiring;and us girls do it even if were going to be staying indooors. Unfortunately for us girls, we love to always look 100% ready to strut into a fashion show.

Even just strolling around the house i love to feel presentable. I love to have my iphone and Mac in hand, as well as my top fashion reads, my favorite music blasting and a warm aroma scenting my room.

Lucky for us fashion crazies, Top name brands and designers have come out with some absolutely stunning tech accessories, sweatsuits and even candles to make the at home experience a couture experience!

My favorites List (owned items)

sweatsuit-Juicy Couture (Velour) 

Sunglasses-Raybans (Aviators)

Cellphone case- Studded Louis Vuitton

Laptop case- Incase (pink)

Magazine-Vogue, Seventeen, People

Candle-Candle Deluxe (birthday cake)

Headphones-BCBG studded skull earphones

Booties- Michael Kors ankle boot

Comfy Couture




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