Fall Beauty Essentials 2012

Now that summer is coming to an end and the bright pink lips and cheeks are going out of style, i think its time to talk about what’s going to be trending in the beauty world for Fall of 2012.

Fall 2012 beauty must-haves!

Like most Falls, dark lips and heavy liner will definitely be a must, but surprisingly golds, silvers even nudes are making a wild comeback in the world of beauty this Fall. Nude lips are trending, along with silver lids,sparkly waterlines and at least 5 coats of mascara..literally!

Lips will go both ways this Fall! Like always the dark and dangerous lips will be trending, but nude lips will also make a comback this Fall. Paired with some metallic lids and some heavy cheek action, a simple lip will look better than ever!

The cheeks will most likely stay bold. Some of my top picks are Nars blush in Sin, MAC cosmetics blush in everest and Bobbi Brown’s Apricot. All very pigmented and rich will allow the cheeks to stand out.

The eyes are going to be dark but sparkly! Many stylist will be using a variety of shine and sparkle to really make eye color pop. Heavy liner and mascara are going to be huge; but not just the simple black liner. Dark purple water lines and inch long cat eyes will be a must this fall as well.

Another must have this fall are the metallic polishes. OPI,Essie, Chanel, Deborah Lippmann and Butter London all make ah-mazing bold colors that are worth the splurge. Also the dark reds, plums, navy, forest green and even brown and black will be top picks in the polish category as well.

Here are some products( from picture above ) that will help you feel set for this years 2012 beauty.

NARS Cosmetics eyeshadow

Lip stick

NARS Cosmetics eyeshadow stick

NARS Cosmetics blush
$33 – liberty.co.uk

Lip stick

Eos nivea lip care

NARS Cosmetics nail polish


Maria CC



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