A night on South Beach ☾

If you live or have traveled anywhere near Florida, you have probably heard a little something about South Beach. On south beach there are a couple very famous roads such as Lincoln Road that are filled with the top restaurants and stores in the world. The streets are packed with fashion forward people, strutting their new Louis Vuitton handbag or showing off their new Prada sun dress. Not only is the street pummeled with fashion frenzy people, but they are joined with street performers, vendors, artist and even the cutest dogs in all the land. I wore a Bright red dress with my tan ___ heels and my black studded bag. 

Lincoln Road has every popular store you can think of. Stores like BCBG, Victoria Secret, All Saints, Macy’s, J Crew, American Apparel and much much more.

I have to say the shopping goes for second on South Beach; the food takes the gold! The food is incomparable. The restaurants are all to die for and you could travel the entire world of food in one half mile. The italian food comes straight from the hectic streets of Milan and Rome and the Asian cuisine is the freshest. Not only is there diversity, but the environment you eat in is extremely pleasurable. Whether you eating in or outside you see a spectacular show of the streets. Inside you could experience the brick oven firing up the Pizza or the sushi prodigy slicing his masterpiece.

Enough about food, im getting hungry. 🙂

This thursday I visited Lincoln Road on what seemed to be a very, very busy night. I was joined by my Parents, 4 cousins, grandma and my uncles and aunts. We first did some walking until we arrived at our food destination; Spris.

Spris is a pizzeria that is owned by a family friend. He also owns Tiramesu , its brother restaurant right next door. Its one of our usuals! We all had amazing meals. I started off with the Frutti Di Mare salad filled with mussels, clams, shrimp, Calamari, Squid and octupus. Then i opted for the Ricotta and Gorgonzola cheese pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and portobello mushrooms.

We finished our spectacular meal  and headed to one of my favorite little yogurt places on Lincoln Road;  Taste-di-lite. My cousins and i had Dutch Chocolate frozen yogurt, YUM!

We finished the night walking the street and enjoying the view. We also entered the famous artist Britto’s main studio and acknowledged his best work. We then headed home to pop off our heals and plan our next trip to south beach!! xoxo

Maria CC



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