The Couture of Colorful pants™

Colorful pants? really? 

Early summer, color became the new black. From neon slacks to tye dye vest; everything appeared to be splattered by an array of colors.

One of the biggest trends (which seems to be staying a bit longer) are crazy colored or retro patterned pants. Anything from high waisted to low cut to cut off, its color to the max!

Here are a few of my favorite new “colour crazy”pants.

From right to left:

Tye dye: Tory Burch Skinnys

Red, Blue, : BDG high-rise cigarette pants (from urban outfitters) 

Neon range and Dyed green & black : BDG mid-rise pants (from urban outfitters)

Floral: Zara

Not only were these in all summer, but lucky for us will be transitioning to fall and winter looks as well!

BDG Mania

Some of my favorite pants are from BDG (urban outfitters). They are stretchy and come in many different styles (high,low,mid-rise) and prints (wallpaper, cheetah, tye dye)

Other amazing finds are the jeans from Free People, Joes, True Religion, Paige Denim, Zara, J Brand, Hudson and Rag and Bone.

Floral Pants from Zara

For more colorful denim: Shop at Bloomindales, Nordstrom or UbanOutfitters websites !!


Maria CC ♔



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