My Black Friday Experience 2014

Black Friday is a tradition for me whether it’s with a family member, a friend or alone; this year, I did all three!

My Black Friday experience began on Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving. After a wonderful meal with my family, I headed over to Aventura Mall. For those locals, you know how fantastic the mall is; and for others, let’s just say you have over 500 options of incredible stores. I arrived around 10pm, when only a couple stores were open for presale.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 7.53.37 PM

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 1.45.47 PMI was able to get some plain white tees at H&M for $2.95, and was able to browse Urban Outfitters at midnight, Unknown and Victoria Secret. I left around 1am and headed to catch some rest for the heavy day ahead,

On Friday, Black Friday, I woke up around 6am and headed back to Aventura mall. My targets were Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Saks, Unknown, and high end stores to see what they offered.

I went straight to bloomingdales and hit the jackpot! The sales were insane, especially because i am a B Insider. High end jeans were 99-150 from 300+, the coats were 50$ off of every 100$, the sale section was an extra 40%-50% off, and much much much more. I was flustered but excited. For every 100$ spent, Bloomingdales gave you a 15$ B card. (Everything was purchased for great prices for the actual value of the item)


A pair of Paige distressed black jeans

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 7.56.15 PMScreen shot 2014-12-02 at 7.56.58 PMBailey44 white tee

2 winter coats

Prada candy perfume

Free People Brallette

Then i proceeded to Unknown and got a large men’s floral teeshirt that i wear as a dress. I also purchased a sweater dress at Urban Outfitters.

Black Friday was fantastic and so was Cyber Monday in my case. I do think most stores lacked sales for Cyber Monday though.

Look at my follow up on Cyber Monday soon



How to Style : Gucci Soho Bag


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Last week I picked up the new Gucci Soho bag in red! I wore it for the first time yesterday to Bal Harbor and I must say, it’s very fun to style!

Here are a couple outfit ideas that could make the bag the bold statement! I am also loving the new Givenchy pin heel in white and black, the new “the real” Christian Dior mirrored sunglasses, and the new collection Rag and Bone tee dress!

How to Style : Gucci Soho Bag

And this is how i would potentially style the bag if i wanted to keep the bag as just an accessory, not the star of the outfit

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



My Halloween Outfits of This Year – A Calvin Klein Boy and Ester The Orphan

This year, my school had homecoming precisely the week before Halloween on Friday the 31st of October. Our Wednesday theme was movie characters, and my senior grade was assigned “thrillers”. Being that I somewhat resemble a little girl with my Miley buns, so i decided the best outfit was Ester from the scary movie, The
Orphan. Here is my take on the character!

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 8.51.40 AM

And here is a picture of the actual character, Ester.

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 12.04.57 PM

The night of Halloween, I went out with some friends to a halloween party and decided to be the person i’ve always wanted, A Calvin Klein boy model. I wore the #mycalvins set of boy shorts and bra in grey, with some boy shorts, and a white ribbed crop top from TopShop. I also added a vintage Christian Dior jacket with the outfit last minute because it was somewhat chilly at night. I wore my hair in buns and a pair of adidas classics with crew socks.

Here is a quick mirror picture of my outfit of the night! I always enjoy choosing someone or something unique to be, and see the final result of the pieces i put together! (the Moschino mirror phone case was a bad choice)

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 8.51.12 AM

if you want more post like this, let me know! Don’t forget to tell me what you think!



Zara Winter Collection – The Fabulous Shoes


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Zara came out with their winter collection a few months ago; when it finally launched, I was in complete shock with the shoes they created for the season. Every single pair was well crafted, with beautiful materials, but unfortunately, almost an identical imitation to a high-end designer. Zara is defined as street-wear. It’s absolutely fantastic that they are straying from their usual casualty, but originality is key. 

The shoe collection is still astonishing though, I commend them for the designs, but hopefully next season they will bring some originality into the equation!

Here are my favorite picks of the season

PS: Ill probably end up picking up the chain boots this week :)

Zara Winter Collection - The Fabulous Shoes

High-End Designer Shoes and Their Dupes


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So, a couple years ago, I began to acknowledge the shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell for its originality and awesome, unique designs. Unfortunately, I quickly realized their designs are everything but original. Most of their designs, as well as other affordably priced brands, copy high end fashion designers.

 I’ve also recognized that there are pros and cons to these dupes.


Nice design for affordable price

Easy access to shoes

Sold at hundreds of retailers


 Originality of high end is diminished

Exclusivity of brand is destroyed

Most people can get their hands on the dupes, making the high end seem unworthy

Other designer just copy high-end designer’s work

 The high-end shoes can range from 500 to over 10,000 dollars. Obviously, a large amount of people will not put down that amount of money for a pair of shoes, so brands like Jeffrey allow them to have a taste of the designs.

I don’t know how I feel about it as a whole. I think these brands should learn to take inspiration from the high-end designers, but not jack their work. I also think it’s a shame to have such an excusive item duped for everyone.

Here I threw together some Fall designer shoes and their dupes.

High-End Designer Shoes and Their Dupes

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Fashion Forward Halloween Costumes Part 3 ( Kim and Kanye Edition) Ft. Givenchy


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Here we have the 3rd fashion forward Halloween outfits! This post is directed towards couples or friends who want to match or dress accordingly on October 31st!

This is the “Kim & Kanye”! Inspired by an entire Givenchy assemble (as seen in the image), Kim and Kanye usually match when they walk the streets of LA, Paris, and New York. They typically aim for dark leather or nude and pastel cashmere; this outfit is a bit edgy to emphasize their fashion craze!

Fashion Forward Halloween Costumes Part 3 ( Kim and Kanye Edition) Ft. Givenchy

Everything pictured is Givenchy, but the look could easily be duplicated with a generic brand as well!

The woman (left) is wearing leather joggers, with a zip up leather shirt, the famous apple red Givenchy Antigona bag, with Givenchy buckle sandals, and Givenchy vintage rectangular frames. Her lipstick is Rose Boudoir #24.

The man (right) is wearing plain black jeans with a similar Givenchy zip up top, Givenchy slip-ons, a Givenchy printed scarf, and a pair of the spring collection sunglasses. The Givenchy Rotweiler phonecase can be found on

Here is a photo of Kim and Kanye west on the streets of New York. As you can see, the outfits pictured are quite similar to Kanye’s assemble. 

Fashion Forward Halloween Costumes Part 3 ( Kim and Kanye Edition) Ft. Givenchy by candelacouture

featuring lips makeup

Fashion Forward Halloween Costume Part 2


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Halloween segment number two is here and totally Moschino!! Moschino just launched an array of crazy collections last spring, this summer, and this upcoming spring! From McDonald inspired cases and sweaters, to Spongebob backpacks and goofy tees, to a new Barbie inspired collection! This Barbie collection features shirts, leather bags, and coats with the matching leather skirt, a phone case, and even cute graphic tees. For most people, this collection is a bit too eccentric for a daily use, but for a fancy Halloween get-together, its absolute perfection! The collection is a bit pricey, but again, you could throw together a similar assemble with a generic store’s items!

Here are two outfits featuring Moschino’s new Collection

Fashion Forward Halloween Costume Part 2

Men outfit ideas coming tomorrow!!



Fashion Forward Halloween Outfits


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Halloween is creeping up on us…literally!!

I’ve decided to do a series of more high fashion outfit ideas for Halloween. The older crowd usually goes out to nightclubs, nice events, or parties where it is required to wear a “costume”. Most women stray from those embarrassing elf or M&M costumes they sell as Party City, and get stuck being a naughty nurse or sexy sailor. Then men are usually stuck being their woman’s additional accessory to their costume mess. This year I am going to put together outfits for both men and women that are unique and fashion forward. Designer and miscellaneous pieces will be used, and anything can be altered, these are simply ideas!

Let me know if you have any ideas in mind you want me to throw together

Here are two common but girly outfit ideas taken to another level!

Fashion Forward Halloween Outfits

email me @ for any questions!

Givenchy Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Review


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The Givenchy show took place in Paris put on by Ricardo Tisci, Givenchy’s creative director. The mood was very dark and eery; it seemed gypsy/joan or arc inspired! The models walking the runway looked like bad B***S forsure! There were about 55 looks for Givenchy, mostly dark colors, leather, and suede. Tisci said his collection was inspired by a pinball game, which made sense due to the zigzag cat-walk and zigzag leather string designs. This show was one of my favorite shows in paris!!

The show commenced with a black suede dress with lace-wrap front and leather-wrap boot heels on a dark hair model, Sara Brannon. The over the knee boots caught my attention the minute Brannon walked out. The entire show stuck with this theme. Everyone either looked like an avatar, a greek goddess, or warrior!

Here is the first look of the show!

Look 4 was one of my favorite, the white and black leather pattern was busy but the high waisted leather pants simplified the look. It was also the first look of the show that wasn’t a dress! The long back leather coat was incredible. The next five models wore similar outfits which i ordered!

The next seven looks were my least favorite of the entire show. I did not like the see-through black and white striped look, or the over sized, wide arm blouses and dresses!

This was one of the outfits!

Now, the brown accents began to come into the show which transitioned the mood a bit!

Next, my favorite part of the show! Supermodel Kendall Jenner emerged looking like a goddess in a low cut romper, paired with beautiful knee high boots, and a white and brown side hobo-style. She looked like avatar as well, she was captivating ! The low neck cuts were throughout the entire show and i really enjoyed the look!

More white came around outfit 29 as Yumi Lambert wore a white and black croc printed leather dress

Loved this top under the black dress on Veroneik G and on Milena behind her! This show was all about being sexy and fierce!

I was so excited when i heard Rosie Huntington was walking Givenchy; Unfortunately, her outfit was a disaster in my opinion. The black on black didnt work with the oversized blouse! The shirt was sheer, but was ruined with a black piece under! The shoes looked strange with the outfit as well due to the consistent fabric up to the toe. big NO NO!

What caught my attention throughout the entire show were the little variety of shoes! i only saw two variety of boots in black and brown leather throughout the entire show! Good thing they were pretty! The heel was a very interesting one! it lowered into a thick heel, but ended up being just a simple medal bar!

The show, in my opinion, was fantastic! the theme of the show was very unique to other very floral shows in Paris! Many A-listers attended the show this year including Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and baby North West in the front row!

It was refreshing and interesting how only 4 colors were used throughout the show: black, whitem brown, and baby pink!

More Fashion Show Reviews coming every day this week!



Chanel Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Review |the good and the not so good|


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I want to start off by saying that Paris Fashion Week exceeded my expectations. The Saint Laurent and Sonia Rykiel shows were absolutely astonishing. The prints and “boy” inspired looks were so chic. Today im going to speak about the Chanel show put on by Karl Lagerfeld; the show was mainly fantastic including the feminist protest that closed the show, but it did have some extremely unpleasant outfits as well. The show had a total of 86 looks; i believe about 60 looks were worthy, but the rest deserv to be dumped!

The show commenced with a very office vibe from the pleated pant suits the models wore. They seemed very heavy and were uniquely colorful. Some were extraordinary, but some fell short and were boarder-line “too baggy” in my opinion. The first four outfits pictured are awesome. Just enough skin and color to compliment the season. A touch of bold silk and oranges and pinks to contrast the pleats. Most of the outfits were beautiful, but some did not look hobo chic, just hobo.

ch2         ch6     ine neef


This following look is way too baggy in my opinion. This model is also quite tall, if its baggy on her, imagine what it would look like on a petite woman? atrocious!!ch7

The next set of looks were very silky and bold in mostly orange and pink shades.  I think this set of looks was targeted for a more eccentric crowd, but i think most looks are beautiful. I believe these colors can only be pulled off by few people, this gorgeous model Ana Ewers being one of them!

anna ewers

This look on the other hand was too squared off, coloful, and did not fit correctly in my opinion. I dont see myself in this outfit, or any person to be honest…THe only part of the body showing are Sam Rollinsons knee caps….no thank you!


A few suede looks walked the runway half way through the show which i thought were absolutely fabulous. Julia Bergshoeff wore a majestic baby pink suede suite that definitely caught my attention. The suit also came in a dark shade of emerald green. cha

Then came my favorite outfit of the show. This dress was the definition of spring. it was refreshing after all of those heavy fabrics to see Taylor Hill walk in this beautiful white and pink dress.

tay hill


The next set of outfits were very much for a mature crowd, one model even appeared to be in her fifty’s!!! I really think these looks would be incredibly flattering on woman of 40-60+ years.

This was my second favorite look the show ! this assemble was perfectly paired and could please any age! so simple! The collar  and dual toned shoes completes the look

Gisele walked look 51 and she awed the crowd. She blew me away to be honest; her body looked toned and her outfit complemented her skin tone and ombre waves ! The shoes were not very cute and looked like those walmart slip-on boots though…

Then came this….. what is this…. Karl, this was not in any way a form of art and quite disappointing i must say !

The ony thing i enjoyed about this outfit was the shoes and gold stockings…the rest was a solid NO including Esmeralda Reynold’s makeup!

Outfit 63 was worn by one of my favorite upcoming supermodels Gigi Hadid; unfortunately, it looked as if she was ready to clean the catwalk after the show…The entire outfit was off. 

Look 77 was probably the worst of the show! Who forgot to tell Karl the garbage bag look is so 1980… NO NO NO! Horrifying

amanda sanchez

Then came the famous and gorgeous Kendall Jenner! Unfortunately, her piano-looking dress made her look quite terrible! The dress simply didn’t work, and poor Kendall was forced to wear it! Her shoes were fabulous though, and her skin and cheekbones almost overpowered the ugly assemble.

After look 86 came all the models with a variety of feminist-pro signs! They created a feminist protest due to Karl’s desire to look back into the past and honor his mother. Even though i personally think it was an attention-stunt, the model’s looked extremely cute with their bullhorns and angry faces. Karl Lagerfeld led them down the runway!



Overall, the show was breath-taking. Karl put out a total of 86 looks with the top models from all over the world. His main gal Cara looked astonishing!! Kendall and Cara even left the show afterward continuing the feminist streak! They posted matching pics to their instagram promoting the campaign!


i hope you all enjoyed this extensive review!

i will be reviewing a ton of shows from this years spring fashion shows!!




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